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What's New!

Featured classes for Spring:

Shakespeare for Teens M-F 1-5pm. Ages 12-18 with Ron Milton, Ovation! Artistic Director
Metalsmithing M-F. Ages 12-17 with Jeremy Loerch. Blacksmithing 9am-12pm. Welded Sculpture 1-4pm
Animal Artists with David Repyak. T-Th 3/31-4/2 Ages 6-11

RESPECTING CHOICE: Our culture struggles with preparation for life’s end. How we want to die represents the most important conversation America isn’t having. More info see page 60 or click here.

GO RUN FOR GIRLS - Spring Session
Come join Anne Howard Lindquist and Laura Van Dyke for the spring season of GoRun for Girls. GoRun girls will be training for the Viking Fest 1 mile, which is the morning of May 16 in Poulsbo. The team will meet at a Sakai Intermediate School classroom, with games, activities and runs taking place all around the Sakai/ Woodward campus. We will take a few field trips to explore local trails and parks via parent/coach-driven carpools. On field trip days, pickup is at 5:00pm. Parents are welcome to meet with coaches at our info meeting, tentatively scheduled for April 14, 4:15-4:45pm.
111388-01 TTh 3:15-4:45p 4/7-5/21 $195

WE-DO ROBOTICS after school at Sakai with Bricks 4 Kidz! 4-week sessions of LEGO® We-Do robotics fun happen on Wednesdays for grades 5-6! Held at Sakai; laptops are provided during class. See page 7.

WILDLIFE BROWN BAG LUNCH LECTURES: Join us on selected Fridays to learn about local wildfire and the land that provides their habitat. Bring your lunch and your curiosity! More info see page 42.

ACRO GYMNASTICS: Did you see Acro Army last year on American's Got Talent? We will teach you how to balance, hold, turn, leap or jump using a partner or on your own. See page 22.

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Sakai Property

On February 10, the citizens of Bainbridge Island, by a super-majority, voted to create a central park at the heart of the Island.  The 23 acre Sakai property now belongs to the community to be a park for generations into the future.

First, thanks to the Sakai family, John, Maryann and Dean, for making a "Park in the Heart of the Island" possible.  Without the Sakai family's willingness to work with the Park District on the idea of turning their land into a park and their family tradition of supporting the community we would not have had the opportunity Bainbridge Island realized with this vote.

Second, thanks to People for Parks co-chairs Jason Shutt and Bruce Weiland for putting together a positive, outstanding, and winning campaign that resulted in a wonderful addition to our amazing park system.  Other members campaign committee included Tom McCloskey (Treasurer), Anson Brooks (Communications), Margaret Powers (Volunteer Coordinator), Lee Robinson (Volunteer Coordinator), David Harrison (Fund Raising), Jim Chapel (Fund Raising), and Lee Cross (Park District Liaison).

And most importantly, thank you to the citizens of Bainbridge Island who took the time and effort to learn about the Sakai property proposal and then vote to support this new park.  It affirms the value the community places on parks, open space and protecting our Island's environment and heritage.  These values and the sense of community they generate is what makes Bainbridge Island a unique and  wonderful place to live.

The Board of Commissioners is looking forward to working with all the citizens of the Island to determine how the Sakai property will be developed as a park.  Click here for Resolution 2015-02, regarding the Sakai public planning process.

Thank You.

For the Board of Commissioners.
Kirk Robinson, Chair






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The mission of the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District is to build a healthy community through effective, sustainable stewardship of the District’s parks and open space, and through the development and delivery of innovative cultural and recreation opportunities. Read more

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