Mary-Lou VibransContracted Dog Training Instructor

Mary-Lou Vibrans

Mary-Lou is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy, a leader in non-aversive, science-based animal training. Before moving to Bainbridge Island twenty years ago, she trained and showed dogs and horses in her native Canada while working in the field of Animal Science. She holds memberships in the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Pet Professional Guild, and Association of Professional Dog Trainers. A self-proclaimed geek in animal behavior, she regularly attends conferences and seminars on animal behavior and training methods.

Canine Programs

Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District continues to be a dog-friendly environment. Dogs are allowed in all Park District parks as long as they are on leashes unless in a designated off-leash area (Strawberry Hill Park and Eagledale Park). The Park District promotes “Responsible Dog Ownership,” which encourages dog owners to show respect for other park users, other dogs, and their dogs. By practicing responsible ownership, dog owners can positively impact everyone’s experience in our public parks.

The Park District created the Dog Advisory Committee to oversee and develop off-leash programs. The Park District and the Dog Advisory Committee encourage park users to enjoy Park District parks with their dogs. The Park District’s Dog Advisory Committee (DAC) is a group of citizens and park officials aiming to create a “Responsible Dog Ownership” model to promote mutual respect, safety, and enjoyment for all park users. The DAC is tackling the challenge of off-leash use of Park District parks. They work diligently to develop comprehensive programs to create opportunities, plan and implement educational programs, and monitor and adjust the enforcement program that allows all park users to enjoy their time in Park District parks. The DAC and the Park District aim to create fun, safe parks where all park users show each other mutual respect.

To report a dog-related issue, dial 911 and ask for Kitsap County Animal Control and Rescue. If you would like to know more about District leash policies or want to get involved in continuing to create positive solutions for dog owners, contact the Park District at 206-842-2302.