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Several opportunities are available for those who wish participate in team sports. If you we don’t have the league you want give us a call and we’ll see if we can’t get one started.

Men’s Softball – June to August
Coed Volleyball – September to December
Coed Pickleball – Coming Soon

2016 Softball Champions:
Team Crown Royal defeated Slainte 13-12 on July 27 in the Championship game in extra innings and just before it got too dark to play anymore.

Team Members: Tyler George, Jerry Marquez, Daniel Rapada, Jimmy Boure, Aaron Lawrence, Chris Miller, Luis Serrato, Andrew Joe, Chris Sullivan, Tanner Cheyney, Jeff Purser, Nick Wood, Johnny Chiquiti, Michael Bellinger, Chad Reynolds, Kauika Peleti, Tino Peleti, Chad Kakela, Pete Corpuz, Mike Matayag, Gene Tabafunda.