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Bainbridge Boogie

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A program promoting FUN, FITNESS AND FRIENDSHIP.

Yes, we’re creating the largest flashmob in history, but really what we’re building is COMMUNITY!

Watch this original (but smaller!) version of the routine:

Free public classes began in September. No need to register, just put on your dancing shoes, a smile and show up!  MOB Classes teach you the final 30 seconds of the choreography in 30 or 40 minutes. (The mob section is where flash mobs got their name…it’s the final part of the routine where tons of people ~who until now appeared to be innocent onlookers~ jump in at the last minute to join in.) Come join the fun at the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center on Mondays at 6:45p or Saturdays at 9:00a.

For a quick glance at what this portion of the routine involves, check out this video featuring one of our local Boogie Bosses, Corwyn Ellison.

Click here for a PDF of the choreography for the MOB Section of the Bainbridge Boogie.

Now once you learn the MOB section, you may well decide you’re up for the whole enchilada! In which case, just stick around. Following each of our MOB classes, after a 10-minute break, we’ll offer up the rest of the choreography. These advanced classes may take a bit longer, running sometimes an hour. Again, all the lessons are at no charge.


Click here for a PDF of the choreography for the entire Bainbridge Boogie.

Now there are tons more classes (AND PERFORMANCES) than we are disclosing here. You must join TEAM BOOGIE officially to get emails and texts about all the underground events going on between now and July 4. You do that either by sending your name, email address, cell phone number and the words TEAM BOOGIE to, or by attending any of the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center classes listed above.

Remember, this project is about community-building…all shapes, ages, sizes welcome! Consider ALL THE CHOREOGRAPHY is completely adaptable. Participants should change the routine to fit their comfort, strength and safety levels. Your participation is equally important whether you are dancing from your chair or doing a full-on cardio workout!!

If you want to schedule instruction for your small group (minimum 12 people) or if you would like to get more involved (we need business partners, marketing support and instructors!), please contact Sue Barrington at 206.842.2306 x140.