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Be Creative

  • Katharine Bruns, a Park District instructor for Eagledale Pottery Studio with 20 years of experience, explains how to work safely with clay from home!
  • Try your hand at poetry using this creative poetry writing guide.
  • Immerse yourself in the great outdoors with these backyard nature exploration and sensory play activities.
  • Try a backcountry recipe.
  • Do some Crayon Dancing:
    • Gather large-sized paper (recycled newspaper works!), crayons, and turn on some music! Choose colors and shapes that you feel “fit” the music you hear.  Black or red zig-zags for hard rock? Long green or blue waves for Classical? Wild purple swirls for Jazz?  What about a Sousa march? And as long as you’ve been Crayon Dancing, keep the music going and everybody move their bodies according to how the different types of music affect your movement.  If you’ve got some ribbon or floaty scarves, add those!
  • Hold a Pond Serenade with four people. In-person or via online chat, it will still be fun! The first singer starts by repeating his or her animal sound. One by one, the other singers join the chorus until the sound of a busy nighttime pond emerges. 
    1. The first singer (bullfrog) repeats “potatoes” in a low monotone. 
    2. The second singer (green tree frog) repeats “fried bacon” making the “i” long and ascending the scale, then dropping back down to say “bacon.” 
    3. The third singer (cricket) repeats “tomatoes” very quickly and in a high-pitched voice. 
    4. The final singer (mockingbird) repeats “French toast,” drawing out the first word and ascending the scale while saying “French,” and ending by saying “toast” at the top of the scale.   
  • The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) is graciously sharing SCBWI Connects, an online directory with resources by children’s book authors and artists.
  • Food Charades is a fun way to keep your creativity and body moving!
    • Take a common food that has some movementthen act it out…bacon in a frying pan, a cupcake baking, pancakes, ramen noodles, popcorn? Do it for fun if you’re by yourself, or do it with others as charades or a show.  What about a food charade chat with friends online? We think grandparents would love to see this kind of “show”.
  • We are all social distancing and staying at home but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy live performances online.
  • Learn to tie a Dragonfly knot.