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Elder Wisdom: Coronavirus Reflections


Submission Instructions

Submit your reflection to Sue Barrington, Active Adult Program Manager by June 30!

ELDER WISDOM: CORONA REFLECTIONS is a project compiling the wit and wisdom of the folks at least sixty-years-young on Bainbridge Island during the spring of 2020.  We ask that you follow these guidelines and send us your essay by June 30 (the sooner, the better!)

If you are 60+, we’re interested in your thoughts right now, and hope you can write a short first-person narrative of 100-500 words.  If not, you can interview someone of that age and put their thoughts into a first-person oral history (100-500 words).

Prompts you might want to use to get you started:

  • How are you feeling about the national mood right now?
  • Compare it to other times in your life, other crises in your lifetime. How does it compare?
  • Tell us stories from your life. Things that might give us strength or a smile.
  • What gives you hope right now?

Some entries may be sad and fearful.  Those are part of the mosaic of voice we want to hear from, but we also value levity too.  Details matter — what you’re specifically experiencing matters.  Remember, the personal is powerful!

Thanks for adding your voice to the fabric of our Bainbridge Island COVID-19 tapestry!