Family Fun

  • Challenge your brain with this Park District Gymnastics word search.
  • Check out these coloring pagesoffered gratis by the artist Liz Climo.
  • Learn how to make simple origami figures.
  • Play Quick, Draw! for a fun, interactive way of sharpening your drawing skills.
  • Join the Jumping Jax Gym and have some fun doing exercises for the kids. Parents can join in, too! Get your heart pumping with some simple moves you can do in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum TV shows you how to do some exercises with your kids and keep them engaged by using some of their favorite toys and incorporating the toys into the workout. 
  • Indoor Games and Activities for energy-busting.
  • Check out Seussville to read and play games with Dr. Seuss.
  • Watch videos of actors reading children’s books coupled with illustrations.
  • Make an obstacle course for your kids, or even your dogs.
  • Try one (or all) of these 75 indoor games for kids.
  • Make your own DIY toys.
  • Create an indoor treasure hunt.
  • These fun activities will help pass the time.
  • Camp in your backyard with these helpful tips.
  • Take a walk around your neighborhood and identify plants around you with this Plant ID guide.
  • Watch an outdoor adventure film on Netflix.
  • Tour the National Parks online.
  • Kim’s Game — This game came from the story “Kim” by Rudyard Kipling.  In the story, the game is used as an observation exercise for secret agents in India. Kim’s Game has been a favorite of children all over the world since the early 1900’s. Try an online version, or review the rules below:
    1. Gather 10-20 small unrelated items. (rocks, pinecones, paperclips, toys, erasers, hardware, etc.)
    2. Place 10 items on a flat surface and look at them for 30 secs – 1 minute 
    3. Cover the items (napkin, bandanna, paper, etc.) and try to recall all of them.  
    4. Change some items and play again. 
    5. Use larger and fewer items for younger children, smaller and more unusual items for adults. 
  • Make a Family Newspaper! Write, edit, and send out a family newspaper once a week.  Use photos and artwork – your own comic strip? – maybe “want ads” for chores or a feature on a pet to add interest and keep it fun!
  • Check out the website or the free app from Go Noodle!  Filled with great ideas and tons of music and movement activities, we use this resource in our summer camp programs. 
  • Create a mini-figure self portrait.