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Ninja Warrior ClassWe offer many exciting classes outside traditional gymnastics as well. In Parkour and Ninja Warrior you can express yourself through acrobatic movement by moving over, under or around obstacles, jumping off walls or over gaps making the whole world your playground! Really want to learn how to flip or do a handspring? Try our Tramp and Tumble class. Is there something you want to try that is not listed? Give us a call and we can create a class for groups or schedule a private lesson to meet your needs.

Set up your own class. Special instruction just for a group you put together. The class must consist of 5 or more enrolled participants. Minimum of 3 classes per group. Call the gymnastics department to request your lessons at 206-842-2306 ext. 126.


  • $11/child/class, for a 30 minute class

  • $14/child/class, for a 45 minute class

  • $17/child/class, for a 60 minute class

Please note that the gymnastics department already has the core of its programming scheduled months in advanced so all potential create-a-class options are subject to space and instructor availability.

Private Lesson

Special one on one instruction. Call the gymnastics department to request your lesson day/time and instructor. 206-842-2306 ext. 117. Instructors will then call to give details and to arrange times.



  • $50/45 minutes for individual.
  • $75/60 minutes for individual.
  • Add $5 for extra child from immediate family (one only)
Field Trip to the Gym

Calling all scouts, schools and day cares. Set up your own drop in time at either of our gyms. Some instruction, games and open gym time just for your group. Call the gymnastics department to request your day and time at 206-842-2306 ext. 126.


  • $100 for group of 10 for one hour

  • $150 for group of 11-19 for one hour

  • $200 for group of 20-30 for one hour