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Summer Camp for AdultsSummer Camps for Adults

Summer Camps for Adults have been designed in response to all the moms and dads who over the years have murmured ‘How come kids have all the fun?’ when dropping their children off at Park District camps. Why, indeed!!

This summer we have developed a full menu of summer camps for adults – many are just for the ‘grown ups’ and their goals include both educational experience and relationships among peers. Dive into areas that have long interested you but you’ve never ‘found the time’ or felt selfish doing something ‘just for yourself’. Remember, you have more to give to others when you nourish yourself! Adult Camps are offered in life design, mindfulness, science, nature and the arts.

 Grand CampGrand Camps

We also offer some great intergenerational camps that allow youth and their significant adults (be it parents or grandparents) the chance to interact in meaningful ways and build cherished memories. This summer we are offering Photo Scavenger Hunts and Science Exploration Grand Camps.


Dynamic Aging Conference

This winter, the Park District will be host to the county’s first Dynamic Aging Conference. This will be a wonderful addition to our region’s annual aging programs – one that focuses primarily on how to develop a strong life design as an active senior, how to stay engaged and a practitioner of lifelong contribution. Stay tuned!