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Calling all 6-8 graders! We are offering two dances this winter and spring. Come alone or as a group. We will have a DJ playing all your favorite pop hits so come show off your best moves or just chill with friends. $10 to preregister and $15 at the door. Concessions available. Island Center Hall

Valentine’s Dance
172627-01             Sa            7:00-9:30p        2/2                            $10

Middle School Prom
172627-02             Sa            7:00-9:30p        5/4                            $10

An important “Know Before You Go” information fact sheet will be emailed 3 days prior to the dance for those who preregister. Please click here for this document. All participants must show proof of grade or age, i.e. school ID card.

Registration begins Thursday, January 3, 2019


Teen Centered - New Chairs!New Location: Located at the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center.  It is within easy walking distance of the Bainbridge High School, Woodward Middle School, library, Safeway, and Eagle Harbor High.

Stop by any afternoon or evening to check out the new space. We have a pool table, ping pong, air hockey and foosball tables, board games, comfy chairs for relaxing, a game room, and weekly activities!

We believe that what teens do in their free time affects the quality of life for themselves and their community. Our job is to keep young people engaged and busy during their teen years on the Island. We do this by actively developing youth leadership, through learning names and developing relationships, and offering choices of stuff to do – or not do. Sometimes teens just need to hang out.

Established in 1992 by the Park District – in partnership with the Rotary Club and School District – the Teen Center has been providing year-round activities for teens of Middle and High School-ages for more than two decades. Adult staff are always on hand to supervise and instigate fun every afternoon after school and on Friday and Saturday nights. In the summer, we are open late afternoon through evening. While other places have some great things for teens, our experience, Park District resources, and dedicated space definitely makes us a “Place to Be.”

Address: Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center at 8521 Madison Ave N.

Fall Hours of Operation: 
Monday 2:00-6:00pm
Tuesday-Thursday 3:00-6:00pm
Friday 3:30-8:00pm
Saturday 4:00-8:00pm

Closed Sundays and 9/3, 10/22-10/24, 11/3, 11/12, 11/22, 12/15, 12/24-12/26, 12/31, 1/1/2019.

At staff’s discretion and due to participation, the teen program hours may change slightly for closing early or later.


Mark your calendar for Saturday, October 13 from 3:00-7:00pm for an open house located at our teen centered space to celebrate our new game tables and furniture. Community members are invited to attend and participate in all the fun activities along with yummy treats. Thanks to Rotary of Bainbridge Island for donating the funds to purchase a new air hockey and ping pong table. And also to the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation for donating the new furniture. We look forward to seeing you there! Location will be at the Teen Centered space in the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center.


Cheese Pizza Day:  Wind down your first day of school by relaxing with a slice of hot cheesy pizza! 9/05.

Movie Nights:  Join us on the last Saturday of each month for Movie Night! We’ll be open late, showing your favorite flicks and serving up movie-themed popcorn. 7-9pm, ages 13-18. No movies above a PG-13 rating.

Friday Arts and Crafts: Let your creativity flow! We always have art supplies but on Fridays they’ll be out in force. Nothing sets the mood for a great weekend better than painting your frustrations away! Fridays 4-7pm. Ages 11-18.

Moment of Frustration Day: LET IT OUT! Come by for suggestions on how to ease that moment of frustration in a harmless, healthy manner. Fun treats included!  Ages 11-18. Friday 10/12

Frankenstein Friday: Celebrate the creation of all things spooky. Friday before Halloween, 10/26.

Career Day: All ages. Join us for an afternoon filled with professionals ready to answer YOUR questions about their fields of expertise. Don’t have your career goal set yet? That’s ok!! This is the perfect opportunity to explore your options in a fun, no-pressure setting. 11/17, 12-4pm. Free. Snacks included!

Pie Shoot: Win a pie in this annual pool tournament! Friday before Thanksgiving 11/16, 4pm sharp!

Holiday Spirit Week:  This week leading up to Winter Break is full of holiday sparkle! Lights, crafts, treats, and fun! Wednesday-Friday afternoon 12/12-12/14.

TC Book Group: Interesting reads and open discussion facilitated by Ragna Discuss.  (Wednesdays, varies)

Cook & Consume: Simple food skills at play in the late night kitchen. Saturdays, monthly (varies)

Funky Yoga: Yoga, freestyle dance, movement, and laughs. Saturdays, monthly  (varies)


  • Art supplies/materials
  • “E” and “T” rated Xbox One games and controllers
  • Teen oriented books! (and a bookshelf)


Teen Centered StaffWe have amazing staff! Come down to visit or hangout with them.

From left to right meet: Joti Chandra Kaur, Ragna Blanco and Marissa Simcoe.

Joti Chandra Kaur: Joti Chandra has an extensive background in in creating and managing large middle school after school programs serving diverse populations. In her free time, you will find Joti Chandra hitting the mat (yoga, that is). She sleeps, breathes, and lives yoga, 24/7 (all 8 limbs), is also certified to teach. And there’s usually a good beat playing in the background, especially when she’s cruising in her car. “You can get through everything and cast a laugh and sing, you can do anything that you want to.” -Peter Tosh

Marissa Simcoe: Island resident for 25+ years, BHS and Teen Center alumni-class of ’01. The TC played a vital role during my high school years-giving us teens a place to hang out, relax, study etc. I’m thrilled to be involved with the program today and provide that same support to Bainbridge youth that I received from the awesome TC staff ‘way back then. Hobbies/Interests: Playing pool, reading Pratchett/Tolkien, watching science and history documentaries.

Ragna Blanco: Ragna is a BHS and Teen Center Alumni from class of 2000 who has an educational background that includes counseling for chemical dependency and suicide prevention. She is a mom of two future teenagers and is excited to be working within the same program that has helped provide a safe and fun space just for teens on the island for almost three decades. Hobbies/Interests: photography, outdoors, music, sci-fi books and movies. 

Eddie Williams, Staff

Eddie Williams; staff & concert sound tech


Teen CenteredBetween studies and socializing and sleeping, we understand that there’s not a lot of free time in a teen’s day. With added school sports, music, and interest clubs/groups, young people can have little time for themselves just to hang out and be. We try to carefully expand the free-time choices available to teens, and offer them within walking/biking/busing distances, without overwhelming families. The Park District has  many things happening specifically for teens. You can check them out in our most recent catalog which is available on our homepage. Look for the purple star throughout the catalog for other programs teens can participate in.teen icon


Sometimes teens want to do something different or just get off The Rock and brain science tells us that brand new experiences are what teens crave. Working with the Teen Program staff, you’d be surprised what all our brains come up with! Whether it’s exploring part of a city they haven’t seen yet, camping or visiting local hotspots, we’re good at listening and keeping teens busy! Look for trips in our current catalog for what’s happening for teens.

Teen Only Float & Float Movie Night

Ages 13-18. The Aquatic Center staff turns down the lights, inflates the inner tubes, serves root beer floats and lowers the hot tub temperature for teens only to enjoy a fun and relaxing time in the water and watching a movie. 12/14 $7 per person

Haunted Fairgrounds

Ages 13-17. Ready to be frightened? This scary experience is just what you need to get the Halloween season started. Come join us on the Friday before Halloween! Be aware that there will be very graphic scenes of blood and carnage. If you are unable to handle the blood and gory material then this experience is not for you. Costume contest! Rated PG13+! Drop-off and pick-up at Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center.

572620-09       F          5:00-9:00p      10/19      $55



  • First, we need to tell you there are always snacks for volunteers. Always.
  • Second, we have really fun options for fulfilling required community service hours. 9th grade Health? Honor Society?  Service Learning Project? Diversion?  Scouts? We’ve got you covered.
  • So if spending time sorting (and testing!) candy for the Egg Hunts, collecting canned goods at a music event, helping younger summer campers, or picking up beach debris on Earth Day sound OK to you, contact us and we’ll find ways for your to have fun while giving meaningful service!


  • If you’re the kind of person who would like to be a part of what the Teen Program offers and you have some volunteer time, we’d be happy to come up with ways you would enjoy helping!
T.A.G.  (Teen Action Group)

Teen Action Group has teens working together to accomplish their own goals for the community. Pick a project or activity and let us help YOU make it a reality. No goal is too big or too small-create a garden at the new Teen Center space, or lead a food drive for Helpline. YOU make the decisions! This self-starter program is a great way to enhance your college resume while also learning leadership skills, teamwork, and having fun! A trip to the Youth Leadership Summit this fall may be scheduled. Sustenance provided. Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center on Thursday from 3:45-4:45p.

Park District Volunteer Opportunities      

Haunted Hayride Teen VolunteersNeed volunteer hours for your school requirements? Just want to get involved with something fun? There are exciting opportunities for you to volunteer:

Haunted Hayride 10/22-24

Contact Ashley Miller a or 206-842-2306 ext. 129 for more information or to get involved.