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TC sitters longBetween studies and socializing and sleeping, we understand that there’s not a lot of free time in a teen’s day. With added school sports, music, and interest clubs/groups, young people can have little time for themselves just to hang out and be. We try to carefully expand the free-time choices available to teens, and offer them within walking/biking/busing distances, without overwhelming families.

Here are a few things happening for teens: after school Theatre, Coder Dojo (at Sakai), Monday Chess & Strategy Games Club (at the Aquatic Center), special interest workshops at the Teen Center, and Saturday and evening Red Cross babysitter trainings at the Aquatic Center.

Check out the Arts & Culture page for more teen activities.



SK8 Rx: Break your board? Need a place to change your wheels? Tighten your trucks? We’ve got a decent workbench, free use of skate tools, and repair hardware for sale/swap.  Watch this space for more info about the teen center skate shop: “SK8 Rx” coming this summer!



Sometimes teens want to do something different or just get off The Rock!  And brain science tells us that brand new experiences are what teens crave. Working with the Teen Center staff, you’d be surprised what all our brains come up with! Whether it’s a camping trip, or exploring part of a city they haven’t seen yet, we’re good at listening and keeping teens busy!

For this current program quarter here’s what’s happening for teens: All-ages Acoustic Jam night at Hilltop, 3rd Friday monthly, random “House Concerts” in the Teen Center (watch the Teen Center facebook page or BIMPRD website for these), “Heart 2 Heart” week-long valentine card project, the annual Teen Flashlight Egg Hunt at Battle Point Park and last Friday monthly BBQ’s at the Teen Center (June-August).



Now open at the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center at 8521 Madison Ave N.

Wednesday-Saturday: 5:00-9:00p
Closed Sunday-Tuesday; July 6, August 17 and September 4-5

We believe that what teens do in their free time affects the quality of life for themselves and their community. Our job is to keep young people engaged and busy during their teen years on the Island.
We do this by actively developing youth leadership, through learning names and developing relationships, and offering choices of stuff to do – or not do. Sometimes teens just need to hang out.

Established in 1992 by the Park District – in partnership with the Rotary Club and School District – the Teen Center has been providing year-round activities for teens of Middle and High School-ages for more than two decades. Adult staff are always on hand to supervise and instigate fun every afternoon after school and on Friday and Saturday nights. In the summer, we are open late afternoon through evening. While other places have some great things for teens, our experience, Park District resources, and dedicated space definitely makes us “The Center of the Cool Universe”.

New Location: Located at the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center.  It is within easy walking distance of the Bainbridge High School, Woodward Middle School, library, Safeway, and Eagle Harbor High.

Stop by any afternoon or evening to check out the new space. We have a pool table, foosball table, games, activities and a room for gaming or just relaxing.


  • Vinyl records in good shape and appropriate to teen listening
  • Disney movies – vhs or dvd
  • Art materials/supplies
  • Xbox 360 working games –  rated E, Y,or T
  • Silverware, especially spoons and forks




It takes a lot of work to fill and place 100’s of plastic eggs, or sell water at a skate contest, or be a judge for Battle of the Bands, or help build a parade float.  If you’re the kind of person who would like to be a part of what the Teen Center does and you have some volunteer time, we’d be happy to come up with ways you would enjoy helping!


First, we need to tell you there are always snacks for volunteers. Always.

Second, we have really fun options for fulfilling required community service hours. 9th grade Health? Honor Society?  Service Learning Project? Diversion?  Scouts? We’ve got you covered.

So if spending time sorting (and testing!) candy for the Egg Hunts, collecting canned goods at a concert, helping younger summer campers, or picking up beach debris on Earth Day sound OK to you, contact us and we’ll find ways for your to have fun while giving meaningful service!



From left to right, meet Liz, Jeff, Kate, Cory, Shannon, and Jay(Eddie): Out of this amazing group, there are 3 parents with kids ranging from age 1 to 22, 3 who play at least one instrument – 1 professionally, two teen center alumni, 4 off-Island commuters-1 by ferry, 2 part-time college students, and 1 independent business owner. Other claims to fame include: Liz-Most Ink & Hip Hop, Jeff-Guy who knows everybody on Bainbridge, Kate – Resident Artist, Cory-Most Random Movies & Posts, Shannon-Coordinator since 1992, and Jay-the Sound Guy and Artist Formerly Known as Eddie.