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Thank you for one of the most incredible days I’ve spent in the Pacific Northwest.  The class [Shellfish Foraging & Cooking] far exceeded my expectations. We will definitely be signing up for more classes. The vibe of this group couldn’t have been more perfect. Lang, John, and Jeff, you guys rock-thanks for making it such a great experience.

We chose to spend our anniversary with this program – went way beyond our expectations! Jeff was so knowledgeable. Please let him know we thought he was awesome!
Brenda Novana-Schuble

Awesome fun. Love the mix of foraging and enjoying the fruits of our “harvest”.


George presented some excellent information – I saw many birds I never would have seen otherwise – really enjoyed every class.
Nancy Bebow

George is a gift.  His knowledge is profound, his spirit — generous.  George’s unassuming, easy, quiet intensity brings out the best in all of us, birds too it seems!  I know I’m more alert, more curious, more enthused by the beauty surrounding me because of his patient teachings.
Judy Friesem

I attended all of George’s birding classes and have come away with an appreciation of our birds from the water birds to song birs. Would never have been able to see many of those without George’s knowledge of the island, habitats, and bird behaviors.   And now I know the cool places to visit on my own. George’s classes have put me on my way to great birding on Bainbridge for years to come!
Caroline Clarke


Very interesting class. Good overview of solar system, galaxy, and universe. Good astrophysics primer.

It was mentally stimulating and added greatly to my understanding of the night sky.

Great mix of personalities. The tag team delivery of the two instructors was excellent.


The pace and content was perfect. The instructors created a comfortable and safe environment for learning.

Molly was great. Very knowledgeable, enthusiastic, on-time, and consistent. Lots of fun!

Backpacking 101

I learned a lot – look forward to trying to spend a night “out there”.

Gave me more confidence to go camp.

Mountain Biking

I felt like people were very inviting and it felt like everyone understood how other people felt.

I liked the way that we split into two groups and did different trails.

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