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“In the school of the woods…there is no graduation day”
– Horace Kephart

Want to explore the outdoors, but need more education first? Take one of our informative classes which will teach you the skills to set out on your own. We offer a variety of different classes, such as fire making, backpacking 101, tracking, and wild self-care. All classes are taught by experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field.

Backpacking 101 – Are you or a family member interested in backpacking? In this hands-on class you’ll get to practice some of the basic skills, and learn what gear you need to get started. We’ll cover planning resources, safety and safety equipment; we’ll practice setting up tents, stoves, and water filters; we’ll learn how to pack a backpack and what to bring, and much, much more.


Contact Nick Prevo
Outdoor Programs Manager
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