Student Conservation Corps

View the ScoCo 2023 Annual Report!

Discover the impact of our dedicated student conservationists in the 2023 Student Conservation Corps Annual Report. Explore special projects, testimonies, and photos showcasing our team’s efforts and conservation initiatives. Click below to view the report and be part of our mission for a more sustainable island.


The Student Conservation Corps (SCoCo) is a paid Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District employment opportunity enhanced with conservation education for local High School age students. SCoCo brings the energy and passion of youth to local environmental work through three program components:

  1. A series of spring Application Work Parties
  2. Three paid summer sessions
  3. Fall volunteer restoration work parties

The employment SCoCo provides to youth in our community develops a new generation of environmental stewards while making progress in the battle against noxious weeds in Bainbridge Island parks. SCoCo members work to control invasive plant species in our island’s parks and protected open spaces, achieving goals outlined in the Park District’s Invasive Plant Management Plan. During the three summer sessions, local educational speakers provide conservation education and career advice to SCoCo members during their lunch hour.

For more information, please get in touch with Program Manager Morgan Houk at