Paddlecraft Storage

Paddlecraft Storage Full for 2023

All permits are given on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits for 2024 will be available beginning on 1/1/24.

Our paddle craft storage program provides accessible shoreline access to paddle craft users while protecting and maintaining our beaches and shorelines. Paddlecraft storage locations will be available to rent at approximately 71 sites around the island. Our paddle craft storage program will be located in the following areas:

Blakely Harbor Park Paddlecraft Map
Fay Bainbridge Park Paddlecraft Map
Fort Ward Park Paddlecraft Map
Manitou Beach Paddlecraft Map
Point White Pier Paddlecraft Map


Reserve Your Space

Register online to secure your annual paddle craft storage spot. Before reserving, please read the documents below for more information and procedures.

Paddlecraft Program General Information
Paddlecraft Storage Program Procedures