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Welcome to our searchable Facilities map! You can move around the map to find a facility near you or if you are specifically looking for a rental facility click “Rental” on the drop down menu located at the top of the map. You can also scroll down to view a complete list of Park District facilities on Bainbridge Island.

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Camp Yeomalt Cabin Rental

900 Park Avenue NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

Camp Yeomalt Cabin is approximately 30' x 40' and has a large double fireplace and a small performance stage.

Camp Yeomalt Classroom Rental

900 Park Avenue NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

This facility is approximately 18’ x 30’ (linoleum floor) and has a full size refrigerator, stove top oven and kitchen sink as well as two bathrooms.

Eagledale Pottery Studio

5050 Rose Avenue | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

Eagledale Pottery Studio is the only public pottery studio in Kitsap County, operating under the management of the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District. This studio is equipped with electric kilns, a raku kiln, a gas kilns, slab roller, electric and kick wheels, kick wheels, and a wide variety of equipment for sculpture and hand building. Students have access to a wide variety of glazes including electric cone 6, gas reduction cone 10 and raku.

Island Center Hall Rental

8395 Fletcher Bay Rd | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

This 90 year old facility with a rich and varied history includes a large room 53’ by 32’ which holds a maximum of 150 people.

Prue's House Rental

9600 Mandus Olson Rd NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

This beautifully restored panabode cabin sits atop Hilltop Park, with a lovely view and access to the meadow and nearby trail. The main room holds up to 40 people and includes a fireplace and chairs for events.

Strawberry Hill Center Rental

7666 High School Rd NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

Strawberry Hill Center, once the site of Strawberry Hill Alternative School, hosts a variety of art classes, cooking classes, chess tournaments, poetry, language classes, summer day camps and more. The BIMPRD Board meetings are held twice a month in the large room.

Strawberry Hill Mini Gym Rental

7666 High School Rd NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

The main room is approximately 23’x 28’. Two of the walls are mirrored. One bathroom has inside access and one has outside access for other park users.

Seabold Hall Rental

14450 Komedal Road Northeast | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

This 118 year old community hall set in a 3-acre park holds 80 people and has an all wooden interior with a separate kitchen.

Teen Center

8521 Madison Ave | Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

It is The Center of the Cool Universe with 1,200 sf of foosball, pool, giant chess, xbox 360, vhs & dvd movies, full kitchen, board games, sports equipment, covered porch (think: piñata!), stereo, and more. Best of all, it’s not YOUR house.

Transmitter Building

11299 Arrow Point Dr NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

This restored facility is over 3,100 square feet and accommodates gymnastics classes, open playtime and other recreational programs.

Mobile Stage Rental

11299 Arrow Point Dr NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

The Park District’s hydraulically operated mobile stage offers stage facilities at any site. Leave the work to us - our staff will deliver, set-up and take-down the mobile stage for each event. Perfect for all types of gatherings, events, and performances!

Eagledale Park Picnic Shelter Rental

5055 Rose Ave NE | Bainbridge Is, Wa, 98110

The Eagledale Picnic Shelter is a 25’x 36’ covered picnic area with 7 picnic tables and 2 BBQs.

Strawberry Hill Picnic Shelter Rental

7666 NE High School Rd | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

The Strawberry Hill Picnic Shelter is a 25’x25’ covered picnic area with 3 picnic tables and one BBQ.

Battle Point Park Picnic Shelter Rental

11299 Arrow Point Dr NE | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

The Battle Point Picnic Shelter is a 27’x38’ covered picnic area with 8 picnic tables, and 2 BBQs.

Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center

8521 Madison Avenue | Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Rec District manages two pools, Ray Williamson Pool and Don Nakata Pool, both housed at the aquatic center. Services include swim lessons for youth & adults, youth swim team, adult swim team, lap swimming, leisure swimming and a variety of innovative aquatic fitness classes that cater to all ability levels.

Fay Bainbridge Picnic Shelters (2) Rental

15446 Sunrise Drive | Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110

The Fay Bainbridge Beach Shelter is a rustic 21’x36’ covered picnic area with 6 picnic tables, 2 BBQ’s, and a fireplace. The Fay Bainbridge Hillside Shelter is a rustic 16’x28’ covered picnic area with 5 picnic tables 3 BBQs and a fireplace.

BHS Gymnastics Room

Bainbridge Island, Wa, 98110

This facility is used for a variety of gymnastics classes, camps, workshops and team activities.

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