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The Outdoor Program was established in 2010 with the main goal of getting more kids, families, and adults outdoors. We offer a wide assortment of classes, with something for every age and every skill level. We have a diverse staff with varied backgrounds and experiences who are excited to share their knowledge with you. Let’s get outdoors and adjust our altitude!

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The mission of the Outdoor Programs is quite simple – “Get more folks outdoors.” The rewards of doing so are numerous: building and strengthening the community, increasing health and fitness, spreading environmental stewardship, learning lifelong skills, overcoming challenges, and gaining a sense of accomplishment. We focus on breaking down barriers that can often inhibit youth, families, and older adults from participating in the outdoors (lack of equipment, limited experience, financial & time constraints, transportation concerns, etc). Using this knowledge, we strive to offer safe, diverse, affordable, and inclusive programming for a wide variety of ages.

“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.”
– Albert Einstein