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Volunteering with the Outdoor Programs can be very rewarding. See new sights, learn new skills, make new friends, and build your experience helping with youth backpacking trips, adult kayaking classes, family bike rides, and more. We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate people who want to share their experience, knowledge, and talents with program participants.

Volunteer Duties
Often times, volunteers serve as assistant instructors during programs and trips. This can often entail carrying a spare group medical kit, extra supplies, acting as a sweeper, assisting in any field instruction, doing head counts, helping participants adjust their equipment, and/or any other minor issues. The overall goal is to ensure everyone is having a safe and enjoyable time on the program.
There is no cost to the volunteer to participate in a program. The Outdoor Programs will cover any preplanned expenses such as travel, equipment rental, lift ticket, etc.

How to Volunteer
Please print and fill out a Park District volunteer application and the relevant program application (ski bus, sailing, mountain biking) if applicable. Make sure to include all pertinent information. Drop the application off at the Strawberry Hill Park office with a cover sheet labeled, “Attention Jeff Ozimek – Outdoor Programs”.

The Process
Expect to hear back within approximately two weeks about any volunteer requests. While we prefer to have skilled volunteers helping in areas of their own expertise such as snowshoeing, kayaking, or hiking, we have accommodated volunteers with less experience in areas they would like to learn while they help others.
For more information, email or call (206) 842-2306 x115.



Volunteer Application
Parent Authorization for Projects, Events & Activities (needed for minors to participate in work parties and other projects or events)
Background Check Authorization Form
Mountain Biking Application
Ski Bus Chaperone Application
Sailing Application