The Trails Committee was created to advise Park District staff on matters pertaining to the planning, acquisition, development, and maintenance of the Park District’s trail system. Such matters may include helping the Park District develop an annual work plan for trail maintenance and construction, advocating for trails in the community, and recruiting volunteers for monthly trail work parties. The committee meets monthly to discuss ongoing projects, maintenance issues, future projects, and other trail issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

A. Advise the Director, or designee:

  1. Planning, acquisition, development, and implementation on a comprehensive trail system.
  2. Developing, implementing, and reviewing a comprehensive trail maintenance plan.
  3. Making recommendations about trail trends, practices, methods, equipment and technologies.

B. Assist the Director, or designee:

  1. Identify potential funding sources for trail planning, acquisition, development and maintenance.
  2. Define trail issues/ problems and make appropriate recommendations.
  3. Establish trail standards and update as needed.
  4. Develop of an annual work program.

C. Advocate for Trails:

  1. Advocate for the needs of community trail users and encourage public support for trails.
  2. Advocate for the responsible use of trails.

D. Trail Development and Maintenance:

  1. Provide resources for trail development and maintenance with District coordination and supervision.
  2. Recruit volunteers and organize work parties to perform trail maintenance and trail development.
  3. Cooperatively plan and schedule work parties with District staff.
  4. Perform trail work under guidance and direction of District staff.
  5. Focus efforts on achieving completion of priority projects identified in annual work plan
  1. District staff person(s) as designated by Director.
  2. Residents of Bainbridge Island who have an interest in trails; are effective advocates and ambassadors for the Park District’s trails program; and can work cooperatively with the public, other committee members and Park District staff.
  3. Members shall be appointed by the Director and serve a minimum of one year.
  4. Members shall represent a wide variety of trail users.
  5. Members of Trails Committee serve at the pleasure of the Director and may be removed by the Director in the best interests of the Park District.

If you are interested in participating in the Trails Committee, please contact the Trails Coordinator Sean Smith Sell at to be considered.

  1. The Trails Committee may elect a Vice-Chairperson and may elect other such officers to fulfill the duties of the Committee.
  2. The Vice-Chairperson shall act in the absence of the Trails Coordinator.
  3. The Trails Coordinator shall preside at the Committee meetings and shall present the Committee’s business to the Director monthly.
  4. The Trails Committee may elect a Secretary to keep minutes of meetings, although minutes are not required unless the following conditions occur.
    1. Board recommendations are being developed from the committee
    2. The Trails Coordinator is not present at the meeting.
Committee Meetings
  1. The Trails Committee meetings shall be regularly scheduled.
  2. The Committee agenda and minutes shall be reviewed and approved by the Trails Coordinator prior to meetings conducted by the Vice-Chairperson.