“Skiing is a dance and the mountain always leads”
– Author Unknown

What better way to spend a white winter than out on the slopes? Bainbridge Island Parks and Rec provides transportation to and from the mountain on a ski bus. There are two mountains we visit – Steven’s Pass and Crystal Mountain. Steven’s Pass is one of the Northwest’s premier resorts offering ten lifts, over 1,125 acres of skiable terrain, and 37 primary runs. Crystal Mountain provides more extensive runs, fewer crowds, and 3,100 feet of vertical descent. Tear up the powder for six hours with 11 lifts, one gondola, over 2,600 acres of terrain, and 53 runs. Seats fill quickly, and space is limited!

Ski Bus

For a complete list of options for our Stevens Pass Ski Bus and Crystal Mountain Ski Bus, visit our registration page and search “ski bus.”


General ― A detailed email will be sent out approximately a week before the start of each program, with info on where to meet, what to bring, weather forecasts, medical waivers, emergency contacts, and other information.

Which Ski Bus Do I Pick? ― Both! However, if you had to start with one, pick Stevens Pass. They get their best snow at the beginning of winter, and the terrain is friendly for all ability levels. Most of our Ski Bussers begins with Stevens, building their legs, working on their skills, making many friends, and signing up for five more weeks at Crystal Mountain. Crystal gets their best snow later on, usually right when the crowds die down, and we start our Ski Bus there. It’s a solid win.

Transportation – Ski Bus uses the Park District’s 15-passenger vans and 22-person minibus. If there is high demand for particular weekends, we recommend chartering a 56-passenger bus to accommodate. Seats fill quickly, so purchase your tickets and enroll early! Due to the resorts selling out of lift tickets early, we recommend you obtain your lift ticket, rentals, and lessons before registering for Ski Bus. Transportation fees include ferry passes for all Stevens Pass and White Pass Ski Bus participants. No need to pay separately or bring a pass and potentially lose it — we’ve got you covered!

Lift tickets – Lift tickets or a season pass are required to access the mountain. We strongly recommend you purchase your lift tickets first, as the resorts have been selling out. Adult Ski Bus riders must supply their Crystal Mountain and Stevens Pass lift tickets.

Lessons – It is strongly recommended that students new to skiing/snowboarding or ages 9-12 enroll in lessons. Professional instructors teach these group lessons tailored to each student’s ability level/age. Students in lessons may free ski/ride with a buddy before and after lessons.

Helmets ― We follow the National Ski Area Association’s guidelines and require all participants and chaperones to wear helmets. We recommend purchasing your skier/snowboarder their helmet instead of renting one, as it’ll fit better and reflect their unique style.

Equipment – Participants are responsible for providing and labeling each item with their name.

Chaperones – Chaperones are the heart and soul of Ski Bus. They have a unique opportunity to create positive relationships and be a role model for youth. Chaperones are selected based on their experience working with kids, managing groups, and availability throughout the season. Contact us early if you are interested in chaperoning.

Registration Deadlines ― The registration deadline is midnight on Monday before each week of Ski Bus. It is helpful and saves time to have participant waivers, medical information, and other forms turned in beforehand. The Park District reserves the right to require a doctor’s note to clear a participant for certain circumstances.

Refunds – Please see the back page of our catalog for questions about refunds, or click here. The Park District reserves the right to dismiss a participant without a refund if the participant fails to abide b” “The Code of Conduct “t” agreement. If weather or road closures cancel a trip, a pro-rated credit will be refunded for the missed day.

Ski Bus Chaperones

Chaperones are the heart and soul of any successful ski bus. They have the unique opportunity to create and foster positive relationships with their group not only as a mentor but also as a role model. Our chaperones are selected not only for their ability to manage a youth group effectively and create lasting relationships but also to help keep youth active outdoors. It’s all about the kids.

An attempt will be made to ensure an equal mixing of male and female chaperones on each bus.

Ski Bus Chaperone Form
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Outdoor Program Manager
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