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As of 2013, the BIMPRD will have MRSC Rosters begin maintaining our small public works and consultant rosters. To continue being eligible to work on District roster projects for small construction related or small engineering/architectural projects, you will need to re-apply for free at and select Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District in your application. Previous roster applications will not be used as of January 1, 2013. If you have questions about the MRSC Rosters registration process, please contact Ellen Hutchinson, MRSC Rosters Manager at 206-625-1300 or

Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wages and Affidavit of Wages Paid Form for Projects $2,500 or Less


Request for Qualifications & Proposal to Prepare a Feasibility Study for Sakai Park

Request for Qualifications & Proposal to Prepare a Feasibility Study for Sakai Park #2018-1816 (Exhibit A and D included)
Amendment 1
Questions & Answers 7/20/18
Exhibit B
Exhibit C

Point of Contact:
Contact Person:                   Perry Barrett, Senior Planner
Email Address:           
Telephone:                           (206) 842-2306 ext. 119
Proposals Due:                    July 27, 2018 at 4:00pm

Submit to:
Physical Address:
Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District
Attn: Perry Barrett
7666 High School Rd NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Invitation to Quote:

Project: Nakata Spa VFD
Project Manager: Mark Benishek, Recreation Division Director
Email Address:

Submitted Questions & Answers:
Questions & Answers – Updated 4-17-18

Nakata Spa VFD Invite to Quote – Updated 4-17-18

Quotes Due:
5/18/2018 at 5:00pm

Updated Timeline: (5/2/18)
Quotes Due: May 18, 2018
Selection: Week of June 4 , 2018
Anticipated Project Start Week of June 11, 2018
All dates are subject to change by the District

Attn: Mark Benishek, 7666 High School Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

Submit Quotes to:
Attn: Mark Benishek
Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District
7666 High School Road
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Email Address:

Budget: $5,500

Target Group: All Plumbing Contractors & Aquatic Service Contractors



Fitness Equipment Surplus

The following items are up for surplus. This is a HOIST® KL 5-piece kid’s fitness circuit. All items have been gently used and are in great condition. The HOIST®KL circuit encourages children to exercise by simulating the motion of a ride! Finally, kids will want to work out because it’s fun! This innovative 5-piece solution tackles the youth obesity problem head on with breakthrough engineering. Designed specifically for kids, the HOIST® KL circuit effectively and safely spreads the exercise compression forces across more than just one isolated joint significantly reducing the potential for damage or injury to developing muscles, joints and bones.*
*All the equipment is designed specifically for children.

If you are interested in purchasing any or all of the items listed below please submit a bid to Mark Benishek, Recreation Division Director at Buyers are responsible for equipment removal, transportation, and signing a legal wavier of purchase from the agency. 

Equipment Specifications

KL 2662 Back/Hip Extension: $200 obo
Product Width: 35.00” (89 cm)
Product Height: 50.50” (128 cm)
Product Length: 55.75” (142 cm)
Machine Weight: 270 lbs. (122 kg)

KL 2101 Seated Dip: $200 obo
Product Width: 28.50″ (73 cm)
Product Height: 58.50″ (149 cm)
Product Length: 77.25″ (196 cm)
Machine Weight: 475 lbs. (215 kg)

KL 2201 Chin up: $200 obo
Product Width: 28.50” (73 cm)
Product Height: 77.00” (196 cm)
Product Length: 65.25” (166 cm)
Machine Weight: 565 lbs. (256 kg)

KL 2410 Seated Leg Press: $200 obo
Product Width: 28.50” (73 cm)
Product Height: 58.50” (149 cm)
Product Length: 76.75” (195 cm)
Machine Weight: 510 lbs. (231 kg)

KL 2301 Bench Press: $200 obo
Product Width: 28.50” (73 cm)
Product Height: 58.50” (149 cm)
Product Length: 76.50” (194 cm)
Machine Weight: 495 lbs. (225 kg)

FJ and Boat Trailer Surplus Sale

Flying Juniors (a.k.a. FJs) are the most popular double-handed boat in high school and college sailing programs in the U.S. These four classic collegiate-style FJs (no spinnaker/no trapeze) are stable, comfortable, and simply rigged with just a main sail, jib, sliding jib cars, and all standard control lines. Made in 1999 by Vanguard Sailboats, Inc., and previously owned and raced by the Stanford University Sailing Team, our FJs are solidly built and favored by some of our high school sailors over newer FJs. These boats show typical wear and tear from program use, but have been actively raced, well maintained, and stored indoors during the off season. This fleet is turn-key ready for a cost-conscious parks, club, or high school sailing program.

Equipment and boat descriptions

  • Four FJ sail boats, numbered 2, 6, 7, 8.
  • Matching practice sails – main and jib – (32, 36, 37, 38) in sail bags
  • Newer race sails – main and jib – (2, 6, 7, 8) in sail bags
  • All lines and standard equipment for sailing the boats
  • Running rigging, rudders, tillers, tiller extensions, and centerboards are in good condition.
  • Standing rigging (masts, shrouds, spreaders, booms, goosenecks) has been kept in race-ready condition for high school regattas.

Flying Junior #2:  good condition, light grey deck and hull, black rail, made in 1999.
Flying Junior #6:  good condition, light grey deck and hull, black rail, made in 1999. Very minor leak.
Flying Junior #7:  good condition, light grey deck and hull, black rail, made in 1999.
Flying Junior #8:  good condition, light grey deck and hull, black rail, made in 1999.

Boat Trailer

This four-boat aluminum FJ trailer was custom-built for these four Flying Juniors in 2015.  It has angled sides to carry one boat on each side and two in the middle, with dedicated spots to secure all masts and booms  Traveling bow cars assist with the loading and unloading of the top and bottom boats.  All tires, including spare, were replaced spring 2016.  This trailer was used for transporting and storing these four FJs, with the storage location being located indoors to keep everything out of the elements. Trailer is in great condition.

Aluminum four boat FJ trailer:  great condition, built in 2015.

Approximate Market Value

The above items will be featured as a surplus package. The minimum price (accepted bid) for the boat and trailer package is $7,500.

Bidding Process

Bids will be accepted from 9:00am 6/8/18 until 9:00am 6/23/18. Submit your highest bid for the entire package.  The surplus package has a minimum price and that amount must be met. Email your bid to Jeff Ozimek – Outdoor Adventure Program Manager at  After submitting your bid, follow up with a confirmation email to ensure it was received.  Transactions will be completed as a Bill of Sale with “as is” condition.  Payment must be in the form of a cashier’s check or cash and received within two week’s being notified of winning the bid before surplussed items can be transferred. Any questions about the items or the bidding process, contact Outdoor Adventure Program Manager Jeff Ozimek at (206) 842-2306 x115 or