Welcome to the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District’s (the Park District) Bid and RFP Information Page. The Park District solicits sealed bids for public works projects over $350,000. The Small Works process is used for projects under $350,000.

For questions on purchasing and contracting, please contact Finance Director Amy Swenson at 206-842-5661 #123.

Requests for Proposals (RFPs) and Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) are issued when the Park District requires professional services that are unavailable in-house.


Prevailing wage must be paid for any public works or maintenance project, regardless of the amounts; for projects under $2,500, the “Statement of Intent to Pay Prevailing Wage and Affidavit of Wages Paid” form can be used. See the Department of Labor and Industry website for more information. Kitsap Country rates apply to all work for the District.


The Municipal Research Service Center of Washington (MRSC) maintains the Park District rosters. It is free for businesses to participate. Any company that would like to provide services or goods to the Park District must submit their firm’s information directly to MRSC.

Please visit the Municipal Research Service Center of Washington website for more information.


There are no open requests at this time.

Closed Bids

Recreation Software — closed and pending review.
Aquatic Center Door Replacement — closed.
Cave Family House Renovation Tabulation Sheet — awarded to Rife Construction.
Strawberry Hill Park Tree Thinning — awarded to Silva Solutions LLC.
Custodial Services — awarded to Details Janitorial LLC.
Moritani Preserve RFP Tabulation Sheet — awarded to Chickadee Forestry.
Strawberry Hill Park Concept Plan — awarded to Asakura Robinson.
Ray Williamson Pool Renovation — awarded to S.M. Stemper Architects.
Aquatic Center Nakata Pool Control — awarded to Electric America.
Strawberry Hill Park Skate Park — awarded to Grindline Skateparks.
Strawberry Hill Park Bike Park RFQ 2022 Tabulation Sheet — awarded to Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance.
Strawberry Hill Park Bike Park 2021 Tabulation Sheet — closed and under review and not awarded.
Battle Point Park Pond Tabulation Sheet — closed and under review. Awarded to Nordland Construction.
Request for Financing Proposal (Bainbridge Athletic Club)  — awarded to Commerce Bank.
Tennis Court Resurface 04/21 — awarded to Arrow Concrete.
Tennis Refencing at Battle Point Park — No bids awarded.
Sail Float at Waterfront Park — awarded to PDN Engineers.
Notice of Intent to Award — Tennis Court Resurfacing
Tennis Court Refencing Tabulation Sheet — No responsive bids received.
ITB Maintenance Shop Roof Tabulation Sheet — Option A and awarded to Rainproof Contracting.
Seabold Community Hall Re-Roofing Tabulation Sheet — No bids awarded.
Tennis Court Resurfacing — No responsive bids received.
Notice of Intent to Award — Pickleball Courts
Pickleball Courts Tabulation Sheet 02-25-20 — awarded to Nordland Construction.
Pickleball Courts Tabulation Sheet 12-20-19 — No contract awarded.
Pickleball Courts Tabulation Sheet — No contract awarded.
Blakely Bridge Tabulation Sheet — Contract awarded to Carlson Construction.
Aquatic Center Door Replacement — No responsive bids received.
Mini Gym Roof Tabulation Sheet — awarded to Able Design.
Aquatic Slide Project Tabulation Sheet — awarded to Slide Expert.


There is no surplus equipment at this time.