Strawberry Hill Dog Park will be temporarily closed for construction starting November 27

Strawberry Hill Dog Park is being expanded to nearly double its previous size! As the project proceeds, some fences will need to come down, requiring us to temporarily close the dog park. Thanks for your patience!


park_strawberry_dogpark_0616Strawberry Hill Dog Park is a wooded, 2.35-acre forest glade inside Strawberry Hill Park, adjacent to a playground and a skateboard park, that has been designated for off-leash canine recreation. The dog park is centrally located on Bainbridge Island, less than 3 miles from the Bainbridge Ferry Terminal, and exclusively dedicated to dogs’ off-leash exercise and socialization.

The dog park entrance features direct parking lot access. It includes several amenities, including a large “air lock” entrance for dogs to acclimate to the park’s surroundings and a dog washing station with a hose and spray wand to clean pets before leaving the park. In addition, there is a separately fenced, mini-dog park area for small, shy, or recuperating dogs. Visitors will find park benches, a perimeter walking trail, auto-fill water bowls, and free dog waste collection bags and receptacles.

The park is open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, to well-behaved dogs, ages six months or older, who have had their vaccinations. Owners are encouraged to be attentive to their dogs throughout their park visits. While socializing with other park-goers, dog owners must know where their dogs are and what they are doing at all times for the safety of their dogs, themselves, and all other users of the site. Park users should be attentive to all dogs in the park during their visit, groups of dogs behave differently than a single dog, and park users should be aware of the dogs around them at all times.

park_eagledale_dogpark2_0616Eagledale Park is located at 5050 Rose Ave NE. The off-leash area is located at the top of the park. Access is limited to walk-in use from the Parking area at the bottom of the hill. Users can follow the signs to this 1-acre site, with a grassy meadow and wooded trails. The site is open year-round. However, preparing for soggy, wet conditions during the wet season would be best.


For general information about dogs in Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District parks, read the FAQ’s.


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(that an unfenced area does not!)


  • Prevents dogs from intimidating, jumping on, and biting kids, dogs, and adults
  • Prevents dogs from running into traffic
  • Makes code enforcement possible
  • Enables dog waste to be easily disposed of
  • Preserves sports fields from dog waste, hole digging and erosion
  • Limits dog noise during off-hours
  • Saves money and tax dollars
  • Provides a safe & proven method for dog exercise and socialization


Dog waste can spread diseases to other dogs, humans, and wildlife.
As meat-eaters, dogs (like humans) can produce waste that can contain harmful E. coli, roundworm, samonella, and giardia

Dog waste is not fertilizer.
Unlike waste from plant-eaters, such as horse manure, dog waste is classified as a pollutant by the EPA.

Dog waste is the third leading cause of water contamination.
Protect yourself, your dogs, and our Island.  Scoop the poop!