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Summer registration is now open!

Online, phone, and mail-in registrations are accepted.

If you mail in or drop off registration forms, assume you are in the classes you registered for unless otherwise notified. You will be contacted only if the classes are full or canceled. Please note the class information, including the start date, time, and location. You may also use our website to confirm the classes you are in. Registration continues until classes are filled.


1. Online
Register for classes with our WebTrac system, and submit credit card payments online. Registration is processed immediately, and you can print your confirmation form and receipt. For more info on online registration, read our FAQs here. Online registration is the best way of getting the classes you want! You will need your user name and password to register. If you can’t remember them, call at least a day before registration! 206-842-2302.

3. Mail-In
Mail-in your completed registration form and payment by check to:

BI Metro Park & Recreation District
11700 NE Meadowmeer Circle
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110

4. Phone In
Give us a call at (206) 842-2302.

Winter/Spring 2022 Catalog



Online registration must be paid with VISA or MasterCard and is processed immediately. Payment for online registration can also be made using your account balance. To increase your account balance, bring a check or cash to the Park District office or Aquatic Center before going online to register.

  • Drop-off and mail-in may be paid by check only.
  • In-person registration may be paid by check, cash, Visa, or MasterCard.
  • Visa or MasterCard may pay phone-in.
  • Please make checks payable to “BIMPRD”
  • There is a non-resident fee of $6 per class.



The Park District partners with Helpline House to make participation in our programs accessible to island residents with limited resources. Full or partial fee waivers are available for most Park District recreation and aquatic classes for qualified families and individuals. To apply, contact Helpline House at 206-842-7621.



Refunds will be in the form of a credit to your household account unless you request a check.

  • Programs canceled by the Park District will receive a full refund.
  • Refunds will not be granted for requests made after the program is over, even with a doctor’s note.
  • Please leave a message if you are calling outside of business hours to make a cancellation; all calls are time and date-stamped.

Unless a doctor’s note is received, the following refund policy applies:

  • Requests made seven days or more before the program’s start will receive a full refund, less a $10 service charge. The seven-day period does not include the day the class begins (i.e., the seventh day is the day before the class starts). Counting backward to the first day, a refund request must be received no later than midnight before the first day of the seven days.
  • No refunds will be granted if requests are received less than seven days before the program start.
  • No refunds will be granted if requests are made once the program has started.

Some exceptions may be made for documented injury or illness. Please call us at (206) 842-2302.


Classes are listed with a class name, course description, location, the instructor’s name, and an activity number. 

Below the class description, you will see an activity number and the section number, days, times, dates, and fees. Be sure to put both the activity number and the section number on your registration form.

Program Sites

BIRC — Bainbridge Island Recreation Center, 11700 NE Meadowmeer Circle

BHS — Bainbridge High School, 9330 High School Road

AQ — Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center, 8521 Madison Avenue

BHS Gymnastics Rooms, 9330 High School Road Rear of High School

BPP — Battle Point Park, 11299 Arrow Point Drive

CYC — Camp Yeomalt Classroom, 900 Park Avenue

CY — Camp Yeomalt Cabin, 900 Park Avenue

ED — Eagledale Pottery Studio, 5055 Rose Avenue, off Eagle Harbor Dr

FBP — Fay Bainbridge Park, 15446 Sunrise Drive

HSLG — BHS Lower Gym, 9330 High School Road

HCP — Hidden Cove Park, 8588 Hidden Cove Road

HT — Hilltop/Prue’s House, off of Grand Forest E parking lot

ICH — Island Center Hall, 8395 Fletcher Bay Road

ICM Insight Climbing and Momentum, 9437 Coppertop Loop NE

SB — Seabold Hall, 14450 Komedal

SHC — Strawberry Hill Center, 7666 NE High School Road

SHMG — Strawberry Hill MiniGym, 7666 NE High School Road

SHP — Strawberry Hill Park, 7666 NE High School Road

Teen Center — Nakata Rooms A&B, 8521 Madison Ave

Transmitter — Transmitter Building, 11299 Arrow Point Drive

Bainbridge Island Crossfit — 9440 Sportsman Club Rd NE Suite 101

BIPD — Bainbridge Island Police Dept., 625 Winslow Way E

Commodore Commons — 9350 NE High School Rd.

FMAA — Family Martial Arts Academy, 7865 NE Day Rd W

FWP — Fort Ward Park, 2241 Pleasant Beach Dr. NE

MWS — Monkey Wrench Studio, 9390 NE Wardwell Rd.

Prue’s House, 9600 Mandus Olson Rd NE

Outcome CrossFit — 9463 NE Business Park Ln

Sakai — Sakai Intermediate School, 9343 NE Sportsman Club Rd.

SP — Sakai Park, 1560 Madison Ave.

Springer — Springer Dock, 8750 NE Spargur Loop Rd.

WFP — Waterfront Park, 280 Madison Ave. N.

Wilkes — Wilkes Elementary School, 12781 Madison Avenue NE