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Thank you for your interest in financial assistance for participation with Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District. There are two distinct ways that patrons can take advantage of financial assistance programs. The Park District allots money annually to Helpline House from which funds are distributed by Helpline House for individuals and families. The Park District also participates in programs offered by  Developmental Disabilities Administration with assistance from the WA State Department of Social and Health Services, which offer Individual and Family Services Basic Plus or Core Waivers for individuals. More information about each of these programs can be found below.

Helpline House

The Park District allots $30,000 annually to the Helpline House financial assistance program, allowing individuals and families to participate in activities, programs and events. We have partnered with the Helpline House to assist with the distribution of the theses fund base on a number of factors. The Helpline House councilors evaluate each case individually to determine the amount of funding available to distribute. Helpline House vouchers can be used on any Park District program with the exception of the competitive teams (BISC, BAM, Gymnastic Team).

Getting Started:

Call Helpline House to arrange a appointment with a case worker

Helpline House
Address: 282 Knechtel Way NE, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Phone: (206) 842.7621
Fax: (206) 842-9867
Business Hours: Monday- Friday 9am-5pm

If a voucher has been issued, take the voucher to the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center front desk to register for the program or activity:

Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center:
Address: 8521 Madison Ave, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110
Phone: 206-8442-2302
Business Hours: Monday-Friday: 5am–8pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8am–4pm

DDA/DSHS Services/Assistance

​Developmental Disabilities Administration with assistance from the WA State Department of Social and Health Services offer Individual and Family Services (IFS) Basic Plus or Core Waivers for individuals who require waiver services to remain in the family home. Services are limited by the amount of the annual allocation which is determined by the DDA assessment ($1,200; $1,800; $2,400; or $3,600).

​Participant Eligibility of Activities and Programs

  • Participant must be at least 3 years old and living in the same household as a family member and meet financial and disability eligibility.
  • Participant must be enrolled in WA State IFS, Basic Plus or Core Waiver programs.
  • Participant must be capable of participating in an activity/program on their own or with a caregiver or Park District recreation companion.
  • Participant must meet all essential requirements for the activity/program (Contact DDA Coordinator for more information regarding the requirements).

What programs/classes are eligible with these Waivers?

Most Park District classes are eligible for enrollment but not all. Please check with the Park District’s DDA Coordinator or appropriate manager to confirm eligibility. Any programs that exceed the maximum hourly DSHS/DDA rate will not qualify. Under our contact with DSHS, if a client has fewer waiver resources available than the rate, the client or their family may choose to pay for additional hours of service but may not supplement the department’s rate. If a client wants to register for a program that exceeds the rate, they would need to pay the entire fee using their own household resources.

DSHS/DDA Reimbursement Rate

The max reimbursement rate for 2019 is $18.16 per hour of activity, program or lesson. Time is measured in ¼ hour units at $4.54 per 15 minutes. Any District activities/programs that go over the maximum rate will not be eligible for DSHS/DDA waivers. A client may contact their case manager to have them initiate an exception to the rate or apply for an alternative waiver through DDA.

How do clients/participants request IFS Waivers for Park District programs?

Parent/guardian of the client, or client, must work with their caseworker to confirm they have funds/hours available for any program(s) they are wishing to register for through the Park District.

The case manager would then email the Park District’s DDA Coordinator to confirm the amount of funds and/or number of hours that are given for the activities requested. We would also make a request to the case manager to provide the Park District with a copy of clients “Person Centered Service Plan” at least once a year. The DDA Coordinator would then scan the PCSP and place it on our server for managers to access.

If the activity/program is available for enrollment, the case worker would send a written request to the Park District with the name of the enrollee, household information and the specific class name and number(s) they want the client to enroll in. The IFS Coordinator will enroll the client or forward the registration request to the appropriate department manager. A receipt will be sent though our registration program to the household.

Park District DDA/DSHS Coordinator Bryan Garoutte

If a participant needs a recreation companion, they would need to make this request at least two weeks prior to the start of an activity/program by contacting the ADA Coordinator, Mark Benishek. All other requirements, rules or policies pertaining to this program apply.