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As the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines are continuously changing, please look for highlighted classes to see what is available during current restrictions and phasing.


What to Wear:

Participants should wear a leotard, sweats, or shorts and a tshirt. Hair needs to be pulled back and out of face. No clothing items with zippers buttons or snaps may be worn to prevent scratching the equipment.All watches and jewelry must be taken off before class in order to participate. (Small stud earrings may be worn)

Gym Babies

Ages 6-24 months. Parents participate with the child on a one-to-one basis. Children will be exposed to gymnastics with parent support and movement in a structured and open gym format. This is a great opportunity to spend some quality time with your child and to meet other parents.

Classes - 6 Months

Parent Tot Structure

Ages 2-3 years. Parents participate with their child on a one-to-one basis in a fully structured, instructor-led class. There will be exciting warm-ups, games, music and obstacle courses filled with gymnastics to strengthen and build motor skill confidence. 

Preschool Come Play

Ages 3-4. Parents fully participate with their child in this instructor-led structured gymnastics class. Your child will be introduced to gymnastics skills via obstacle courses, games and music. This class is designed to foster motor skill development as well as listening and following directions. 

Preschool Gym

Ages 3-4. This class is designed for children who have successfully participated in a Preschool Come Play for one full session. This is an instructor-led class without parent participation. This is a great stepping stone into our Kindergym program for those 3 and 4 years old who are able to listen to and execute multiple instructions and remain confident when left with an instructor. Your child will be led through gymnastics based obstacle courses assisted by games and music. Parents may be asked to remain in the parent viewing area upstairs during the class. 

Gymnastics - 6 months to six years

Beginner Kindergym

Ages 4-6. Intro to Kindergym for both boys and girls. Skills taught include basic tumbling, uneven bar skills, balance beam and vaulting techniques. Classes are held at the BHS Gymnastics Room and the Transmitter Building.

Beginner Kindergym

PDF link to Progression Card

Intermediate Kindergym

Ages 4-6. For Kindergym students who have completed Beginner Kindergym or been placed by an instructor. 

PDF link to Progression Card

Kindergym & Dance

Ages 4-6. This exciting class format is designed to engage the young child in the strong foundation of balletic movement used in gymnastics. Your child will be lead through basic ballet steps, positions and alignments in a creative and playful atmosphere. This class will also follow our beginning/intermediate Kindergym curriculum. We suggest that your child be dressed in a leotard and footless tights, while tutu’s may be provided during the class. 

PDF link to Progression Card

Boys Only Kindergym

Ages 4-6. Intro to Kindergym for boys ONLY! Those who are 4 years of age must have completed at least one preschool gym session and students must be able to take directions from teacher. Skills will be taught on all boys equipment which includes, floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and high bar. 


Ages 4-6. Intro to Kindergym for both boys and girls. Skills taught include basic tumbling, uneven bar skills, balance beam and vaulting techniques.

Fun Size Ninjas

Ages 4-6. This is a class for children interested in doing things like a Ninja Warrior. Students will be led through a variety of skills which will help them to get through obstacle courses set up by the instructor. Each week will be a different course, with a different focus on each course. This class is for children to explore different ways to climb, jump, crawl, swing, balance; whatever it takes to get over, under, and around obstacles while having fun.