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What to Wear:

Participants should wear a leotard, sweats, or shorts and a tshirt. Hair needs to be pulled back and out of face. No clothing items with zippers buttons or snaps may be worn to prevent scratching the equipment.All watches and jewelry must be taken off before class in order to participate. (Small stud earrings may be worn)

Gymnastics - Specialty Classes gymnastics_specialty1_071216

Parkour (ages 6-17 years)

For female and male students who want to learn to run, leap, jump or flip off walls safely prior to doing it in an outside setting.

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Ninja Warrior (ages 6-17 years)

This is a class for anyone interested in doing things like on Ninja Warrior. Students will be taught a variety of skills ranging from strength, speed, balance and timing. These skills will help them to get through obstacle courses set up by the instructor. Each week will be a different course, with a different focus on each course. This a class for those looking to get in great shape and have fun doing it. Students will be challenged to push themselves to train like Ninja Warrior competitors.

Gym Dance & Tumble (ages 6-17 years)

For girls or boys who want to learn dance and tumbling only. Class concentrates on basic moves or skills in dance, tumbling, trampoline, strength, balance and flexibility.

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Gymnastics for rope skippers & Dancers (ages 6-17 years)

Students will learn gymnastics skills on floor and tramp to help enhance their dance repertoire. Example skills are aerials, front & back handsprings and round offs.

Handspring Class (ages 6-17 years)

This class will focus on back handsprings and front handsprings. Students will be taught how to do handsprings along with the drills, techniques, flexibility and strength training to perform them properly.

Tramp & Tumble (ages 6-17 years)

For female or male students. Class will focus on floor and trampoline tumbling skills; which include cartwheels, round-offs, front and back handsprings and flips.

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Release your inner Child (ages 17-99 years)

Train like a child and get back the energy and strength you once had, but didn’t even notice at the time. Participants will be taught skills like handstands and cartwheels, along with movement techniques from Parkour. Participants will also train with obstacles like Ninja Warrior and play games. This is a great way to get in shape, or stay in shape by having fun.