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As the COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines are continuously changing, please look for highlighted classes to see what is available during current restrictions and phasing.

What to Wear:

Participants should wear a leotard, sweats, or shorts, and a tshirt. Hair needs to be pulled back and out of face. No clothing items with zippers, buttons, or snaps may be worn to prevent scratching the equipment. All watches and jewelry must be taken off before class in order to participate (small stud earrings may be worn.)

Gymnastics - Boys Classes    Gymnastics - Boys Classes

Boys Gymnastics

For males of all experience levels. Instructor challenges each participant based on their individual skill level. Class concentrates on instruction of basic tumbling and skill work on all the boys’ apparatus. 

Beginner Boys

For boys with little or no experience. Class concentrates on basic tumbling and all the boys’ apparatus.

PDF link to Progression Card

Intermediate Boys

For boys who have passed beginner boys or been placed by an instructor. BHS Gymnastics Room

Gymnastics - Intermediate Boys

PDF link to Progression Card

We have a fully equipped men’s gymnastics program so that our students can effectively train on all 6 apparatus: floor,pommel horse, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar.