We know that even our littlest Islanders like trying new things with friends their own age. And it doesn’t matter to us if they rather do them side-by-side than actually speak to one another! Plus, kids classes are a nice way for parents to get to know new friends, too!

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preschoolfunGrowing kids benefit from a daily “Green Hour” outdoors. Sometimes we all just need to get out of the house for a little while. And where better than in our own public park system? Ladybug Nature Walks are designed for ages 2-4 with an adult, to develop curiosity and exploration of the natural world.  By visiting little-known parks and paths, our Ladybug walkers get to explore interesting things about new places.  These fun hour-long, mid-morning strolls are set at a pre-schooler pace with simple interpretive markers, a story, and something to make together & take home.

We pull on our rubber boots and warm gloves regardless of the weather during the Fall, Winter and early Spring. (We trust you are out and about on your own during the warmer months!)

Video of Ladybug Walk