Pritchard Park lower parking area and trail will be temporarily closed April 22-26 for emergency bulkhead repair and safety improvements.

For rules and information about dogs in Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District parks, read the FAQ’s.


Kitsap Animal Control (KAC) works within our community on dog related issues, including off-leash dogs. KAC uses the 911 system to receive all information regarding violations of the animal control code for all of Unincorporated Kitsap County and the jurisdictions within the county. KAC requested that BI Metro Parks encourage citizens call 911 to report any violations. This is a KAC Policy. Though they may not be able to respond, KAC receives all these reports and can follow up with citizens and share reports with BI Metro Parks staff. KAC officers have the authority to issue tickets to park goers who do not comply with leash laws.

 How to contact Kitsap Animal Control:

  1. Call 911
  2. Yes, we mean you need to call 911.  Animal Control officers are sanctioned law enforcement officers and receive their dispatch from 911. 
  3. Tell the dispatcher you’d like to report a non-emergency.
  4. Give your contact information only if you are comfortable.
  5. Share what park you are in, that you want to report an off-leash dog per KAC policy, and answer any questions of the dispatcher.
  6. Thank the dispatcher and know that KAC and other authorities may not be able to respond to your report, but collecting data around off-leash dogs is an important part of managing off-leash issues in BI Parks.


(that an unfenced area does not!)

  • Prevents dogs from intimidating, jumping on, and biting kids, dogs, and adults
  • Prevents dogs from running into traffic
  • Makes code enforcement possible
  • Enables dog waste to be easily disposed of
  • Preserves sports fields from dog waste, hole digging and erosion
  • Limits dog noise during off-hours
  • Saves money and tax dollars
  • Provides a safe & proven method for dog exercise and socialization


Dog waste can spread diseases to other dogs, humans, and wildlife.
As meat-eaters, dogs (like humans) can produce waste that can contain harmful E. coli, roundworm, samonella, and giardia

Dog waste is not fertilizer.
Unlike waste from plant-eaters, such as horse manure, dog waste is classified as a pollutant by the EPA.

Dog waste is the third leading cause of water contamination.
Protect yourself, your dogs, and our Island.  Scoop the poop!


American Kennel Club
Kitsap Humane Society
Bainbridge Pet Licensing


Canine classesThe Dog Advisory Committee (DAC) was formed in May of 2014 to assist District staff with development, planning, education, and maintenance of the District’s off leash program. The committee planned and over saw the construction of the Strawberry Hill Dog Park and developed educational materials to post at the Dog Park. The purpose of the committee can be further understood by clicking on the following link, Purpose of the DAC.

For general information about dogs in Bainbridge island Metropolitan Park and Recreation District parks, read the FAQ.

For information from our board about leash laws in parks please read the Board Statement on Leash Laws.

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