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The purpose of All-Day Explorer Camp is to provide a fun, safe, recreation-based all-day camp experience to children of various ages, interests and backgrounds. We strive to build camp community and enhance each campers’ individual skills and confidence.

Our goal is to build a camp community that is kind, supportive and welcoming – where children thrive and grow stronger through being exposed to and trying new things. We help campers develop friendships, work well in groups, and progress toward attainable goals. And at day’s end or week’s end or summer’s end children are more prepared to face their next challenges.

“There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morning more fragrant than ever again.”
—Elizabeth Lawrence


Prices are per week of camp, Monday-Friday.

2020 Prices

1-Day Camps: $98 for residents/$104 for non-residents
2-Day Camps: $190 for residents/$196 for non-residents
3-Day Camps: $240 for residents/$246 for non-residents
4-Day Camps: $320 for residents/$326 for non-residents
5-Day Camps: $395 for residents/$401 for non-residents

Single day signups for multi-day camps are permitted, space available, and assessed at $95/day for residents and $101/day for non-residents. Please contact Recreation Program Manager Shannon Buxton at or 206.842.2306×125.


Register for camps here.

Activity numbers are determined by the season:
Summer: 400101
Fall: 500101
Winter/spring: 110001

Section numbers change yearly. Please refer to the Recreation Connection catalog for specific camp section numbers, themes, and dates.