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Intern Winter Scene

High School Interns

Summer 2019

 “I am just thankful to have worked with you guys.  And thankful for the help of the other interns…”

Sean Sweeny

“On my first day at BIMPRD I was nervous. I had never had a job like this before and I wasn’t sure if I would be any good at it. As soon as I sat down at my desk however, I knew I would be just fine. Everyone in the office was so kind and so willing to answer any questions I had, that it made transitioning into a new job easy and fun. Throughout my time there, people would stop by to say hey, or to ask if I wanted to come to anything from records retention meetings, to fire extinguisher training! For me the most important thing about my time at BIMPRD is that I always felt that I was doing something that mattered, even if it was just something that was going to make someone else’s job a little bit easier, I always felt useful. No matter how hard the challenge is, it’s always easier to face it if you know that overcoming it matters to you, the people around you, and to an organization that is deeply committed to its community.”

Dora Makosky

College Interns

Deleine Chavez

“There’s no doubt that every experience I had as an intern for BIMPRD has contributed to my professional growth, but most importantly, to my personal growth. Even with unforeseen circumstances, the District adapted and managed to provide me with meaningful projects. BIMPRD Staff take their job seriously, which means they work hard to ensure great services are offered to the community. Sue went above and beyond as her role of supervisor. She made sure I was learning and absorbing everything that I could by ensuring I received a well-rounded internship experience. It’s been a pleasure working with BIMPRD staff. I cannot express how grateful I feel for the opportunity I was given to intern this winter/spring season.”

Camryn Roth

Camryn RothI was a Marketing & Special Events summer intern for Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District from May to August 2019. To say this was one of the best summers of my life is an understatement and here’s why. I graduated from Indiana University in May with a degree in Tourism, Hospitality, and Event Management and shortly after moved across the country to a small island I had never been to before. Not only would I be new to the area, but I had almost no tangible experience with parks and recreation prior to the internship. I was given so many opportunities to get hands on experience through planning and promoting several events for the community of Bainbridge Island. While I learned so much while working in the Community Outreach Department, I also got to explore other areas of the Park District, which really made my internship such a well-rounded experience. Interning for BIMPRD has helped me grow so much professionally, and I owe that to the admirable people I was surrounded with every day. I’ll never be able to thank the Park District enough for providing such an incredible internship program and an experience that I’ll forever cherish.

Allie Smith

Intern Allie SmithIn the summer of 2019, I worked as a Marketing and Special Events Intern for BIMPRD, and it was one of the best life choices I have ever made! For my degree in Recreation, Park and Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University, I was required to complete an internship within my field; I chose to apply to this internship to gain hands-on experience, while also spending time in the Pacific Northwest. Bainbridge Island is a place like no other. When describing the island to my friends and family in Texas, I would say I was living in the Shire from Lord of the Rings. The beautiful sceneries and charming atmosphere undoubtedly attributed to its specialness, but it is the people, specifically the Park District staff, that made it truly unique. 

It is something exceptional, and not incredibly common anymore, to work with individuals who believe the work they do matters. The actions of each member, combined with the overall work culture, creates a positive space for learning at all levels. The atmosphere at BIMPRD was welcoming and warm, with all employees seeking out opportunities to help me grow in my goals and aspirations. When attending meetings with managers, I was never treated like just an intern; they consistently sought out my input. My ideas and work were always met with praise, respect, and constructive criticism. 

My supervisors, Helen and Ashley, were much more than I could have asked for or expected. They allowed me to make this internship my own, empowering me to work on projects that fit my interests. I was given responsibility and trust, along with freedom and autonomy. I always felt valued and was given support and encouragement whenever I needed it. 

I have come away with this experience with newfound confidence, self-efficacy, and hope for my future within Marketing and Special Events. I made many friendships and relationships with my coworkers along the way, and now consider Bainbridge Island a second home. This past summer was filled with gratifying work, laughter, exciting adventures, new experiences, and memories I will cherish for a lifetime.

Kaylee Ferguson

Intern Kaylee FergusonMy experience as an intern for BIMPRD completely exceeded my expectations. From day one, the staff welcomed me with open arms and never treated me like I was just an “intern.” My supervisors and other staff members always showed me that they cared about me learning everything that I possibly could during my time with the Park District. I was provided with countless opportunities that allowed me to grow professionally and as a person. I woke up everyday excited to go to work and be surrounded by the staff knowing that I was going to learn something new that day. I will never forget the relationships and memories that were made on the island. The Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District is a special organization and I don’t believe there is anything else quite like it.

Anna Tran

Intern Anna TranThank you for an enjoyable recreation internship in such a fun teamwork environment! The leadership and entire team from volunteer, camp counselor, to director, has helped me explore the recreation world in new ways. Everyone has also made me feel at home no matter which facility/park I’m at. I feel very grateful for the opportunity to intern at this unique Park District and to stay at the intern house. It is undeniable that the Park District’s work is reflected well by the beautiful island parks and amazing staff. There is a strong relationship between the islanders and Park District employees that is shown in the way they serve, “People. Parks. Play.” (their motto). To future interns, I encourage all to be flexible, hard-working, courageous and take initiative! The Park District does a very good job in supporting the intern’s goals by finding pathways that assist in achieving them. I appreciate everything and will remember my 2019 summer here fondly.

Crittney Latante

Intern Crittney LatanteMy experience at Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District as an intern was a surreal experience. They were very accommodating to what I was looking for in an internship. From the housing to the experiences I was looking for. Working at the Park District definitely opened my eyes to how a park and recreation district is run; from the budgeting to the programs that were offered. I got to experience all the different areas and shadow the supervisors. I gained some new experiences like kayaking, backpacking, parades, and enjoying the outdoors. I also got to experience the different summer camps and help when needed. One of the best experiences in my life and the surroundings did not hurt either.

Bailey Barrett

Intern Bailey BarrettMy 10-week long summer internship with BIMPRD Park Services surpassed any expectations I had going into it. I came all the way from Arizona and found the experience incredibly valuable; living in a different state with people I had never met and working for a department I have come to love. My internship was primarily me conducting trail assessments, updating BIMPRD records, researching potential off-leash dog opportunities for the island, and learning what it takes to be a leader through backpacking and kayaking trips, board meetings, and leading a trail crew. But my summer, all together, was so much more than that. I walked all the trails the Island has to offer traveled to Seattle, backpacked through Olympic National Park, enjoyed live music on Wednesdays at Battle Point Park, walked in the fourth of July parade, and came to feel like a part of the community. By the time my ten weeks were up, I didn’t want to leave. I came back to Arizona with crucial work experience, knowledge, incredible mentors, and a new sense of home which I will always cherish.

Nick Prevo
Intern Nick PrevoMy internship was an incredibly fast-paced and diverse experience. It was quite possible for me to help process invoices, ski at Crystal Mountain, and build a bike rack for the Gearbank all in one week for my internship. I never knew what I was going to be doing, but I knew it was going to challenge me. I’m most proud of how much I grew professionally during my internship. I began the internship not really knowing much about the field, but now I feel like I have the skills I need to excel in the future. I was lucky enough to be able to get a job with the Park District leading wilderness and paddling programs while also being a program assistant.
Ali Hargrave
Intern Ali HargraveInvaluable experience – Positivity and The Outdoors!

Henry Thoreau said, “take a walk in the woods and come out taller than the trees,” and this is letter-perfect of what BIMPRD did to me and for me. I learned in college how to respect and be in awe of Mother Nature, but BIMPRD’s internship experience let me walk with her every day, as well as help a community explore ways to get to know her. Not only was I there dropping my jaw at the beauties of the Pacific Northwest day after day, I was able to do it with admirably positive people. Only now that I am working for a corporation am I able to understand how truly lucky I was to share that experience with them and how brilliant they are to continue theirs.

I was a Marketing and Event Planning Intern who got to help plan and promote BIMPRD’s many events in a variety of ways. I felt I was given freedom and autonomy in this position, as well as structure and responsibility

I was asked to say what I’m most proud of and as absorbed as it sounds, I’m most proud of myself. My decision to embark on the journey to move across the country for four months to a small little island that could potentially have little to offer turned out to be some of the most remarkable months of my life. I am grateful to myself for practicing a life of decisions that take me to extraordinary places, but I am awestruck by the individuals and flora who made that decision an unforgettable experience.

Claire Hobelmann
Intern Claire HobelmannI was lucky enough to spend the fall, winter, and spring seasons with Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District. As the outdoor program intern, I assisted with a wide variety of programs and projects, including mountain biking, skiing, sailing, the gearbank, and special events. The most valuable part of my internship was gaining the confidence to lead programs on my own. I started out as a volunteer on small trips and ended up as a main supervisor of a 12-week ski bus. The growth I experienced through my internship was profound. I am proud of the work I put in, and the knowledge I acquired. The internship inspired me to further my education in the field, and I will soon graduate with a Master of Science in Recreation. I look forward to using my degree and prior experiences to attain a prominent role in outdoor recreation.
Zoe Ault Brinker
Intern Zoe Ault BrinkerI was a General Recreation Intern at BIMPRD January-April 2017 and I had a great experience! I bounced between different departments gaining multiple experiences and fulfilling my school requirements. I was able to experience various programs that the District offers, such as the Snowshoe Program, Ladybug Walk, and more. The most invaluable experience, and what I am most proud of, would be my budgeting experience. What I learned from my intern supervisor and from school helped me to construct a budget format for programs that anybody could use. I also had the chance to present it during a Recreation Division meeting. Since the completion of my internship I have been working at Heidel House Resort and Spa in Green Lake, WI. I am the Recreation Supervisor and recently become a Guest Services Agent as well. I am very grateful for my internship experience at BIMPRD and I encourage future students to intern here as they are flexible to meet everyone’s individual school requirements, and all are so welcoming and friendly.
Ashley Miller
Intern Ashley MillerMy internship with BIMPRD was unlike anything I have ever experienced. In college I was a Recreation, Park & Tourism Science student with no idea what I wanted to do when I finished school. I was able to move across the country for a summer and fulfill my internship requirement on an amazing island and working at the Park District. During my summer I was able to choose where I wanted to spend my time. I worked under the Active Adult Program Manager and helped with outdoor programming and marketing. I was able to see how Parks and Recreation operates and what it takes to bring the programs and events to life; stuff I had only learned about in class. This was a real life, hands on experience. I returned to work for the Park District after my internship, and I am now a Recreation Program Manager at BIMPRD. I credit BIMPRD for this opportunity which opened doors I never knew existed!
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