Red Pine Park

418 Wood Ave SW

Conveyed to the Bainbridge Island Metropolitan Park & Recreation District in 2014 by Sue Cooley and Red Pine Park LLC this is a half acre pocket park located in Winslow at the corner of Wood Ave SW and Parfitt Way SW. Red Pine Park contains an orchard and berry patches, open lawn with seating and picnic area. Additionally, Red Pine contains eleven pea patches open to the public on a roster basis. This tranquil setting is located a short distance from the Waterfront Trail, and landscape elements are a nod to Japanese inspiration complete with its Red Pines, synonymous with patience and resilience.

The Island’s familiarity with Red Pines is attributed to stories from Junkoh Harui, the previous owner of this park parcel as well as owner of Bainbridge Gardens. Mr. Harui’s father planted Red Pine trees in the hours before federal deportation to Manzanar and Minidoka as part of WWII Japanese-American Internment. For more information on this historic era and its remembrance for islanders, see Pritchard Park.